One of the lifts in my shop broke down and I needed to raise funds quickly to replace it. Every day that it was out of commission meant loss revenues for my business. I was able to get $40,000 from Merchant Cash Network within a week and I quickly replaced the lift. The process was so simple and I’m grateful for their help.

John H.

My practice needed some immediate capital for the purchase of equipment. Leasing companies were too expensive so it made more sense to pay in cash. I was able to use Merchant Cash Network to get a loan at reasonable rates. The funds helped me negotiate a discount for the equipment. MCN really came through for me!

Dr. Martin S.

Working with Merchant Cash Network was quick and easy. I was able to obtain $25,000 in working capital so I could build an outdoor deck for my restaurant just in time for the spring season. I will definitely use this company again!

Alan S.